News Flashes

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Agrinnovate India Limited (AgIn) grants “Non-Exclusive Rights” to Indian Immunologicals Ltd. for Commercial production of “Lumpi-ProVacind” jointly developed by ICAR-NRC Equines and ICAR-IVRI 13-10-2022
Dr. Praveen Malik has joined Agrinnovate India Limited as Chief Executive Officer 23-09-2022
Agrinnovate India Limited (AgIn) grants “Non-Exclusive Rights” to Biovet Pvt. Ltd. for Commercial production of “Lumpi-ProVacind” jointly developed by ICAR-NRC Equines and ICAR-IVRI 16-09-2022
Action Plan for “Har Ghar Tiranga” Programme 26-07-2022
Agrinnovate India Limited AgIn grants Non-Exclusive Right of ICAR-IISR Bio-encapsulation Technology to Ms. Lysterra LLC, Russia 04-07-2022
Agrinnovate Commercialized the technology of ICAR-NIANP -Anti-Methanogenic Feed Supplement “Harit Dhara” to Core CarbonX Solutions Pvt. Ltd. 14-06-2022
Agrinnovate Commercialized technology of ICAR-IIHR to National Fertilizers Limited NFL Miniratna is an Indian government owned fertilizer producer under the ownership of the Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers, Government of India that manufactures chemical fertilizers 14-06-2022
Agrinnovate Commercialized 10 technology of ICAR-NDRI's to Karnataka Milk Federation 06-06-2022
Agrinnovate Commercialized technology of ICAR-NDRI to Manorama Agrobiotech Pvt. Ltd. for Testing Cow's A1 & A2 Proteins using PCR Methods 11-05-2022
Dr. Sudha Mysore CEO, AgIn participate as a panellist in IP Commercialization In An Interconnected World Lessons And Pol Icy Opportunities For India And Denmark at Hotel TAJ Palace New Delhi 11-05-2022
License granted to Government of Madhya Pradesh for “Aeroponic System for Virus-free Quality Potato Seed Production” through Agrinnovate India Ltd. Government committed to provide certified seeds to farmers on time- Shri Tomar ICAR-CPRI, Shimla develops unique Aeroponic Technology for Virus-free Potato Seed Production 05-05-2022
Agrinnovate Transfer Technology of ICAR-DCFR “Captive Maturation and Multiple Breeding of Golden Mahseer” 26-04-2022
Agrinnovate Commercialized technology of ICAR-IVRI -Recombinant Antigen Based Sero-Diagnosis of Infectious Bronchitis; Recombinant Antigen Based Sero-Diagnosis of Infectious Bursal Disease (IBD) by Indirect ELISA; and Recombinant Antigen Based Diagnostic Kit for Sero-Diagnosis of Newcastle Disease by Single Serum Dilution ELISA 31-03-2022
Dr. Sudha Mysore, CEO, Agrinnovate was the Chief Guest at Nitte University, Mangaluru 20-03-2022
Agrinnovate Commercialized technology of ICAR-CSSRI -CSR Grow-Sure-a biomsart bio-consortia for enhancing the productivity of agri-horticultural crops in salt affected soils 06-10-2021
Agrinnovate India Limited (AgIn) grants ‘non-exclusive global marketing rights’ of ICAR-FUSICONT bio pesticide technology to Save Bananas from the Deadly Panama Wilt Disease. 01-10-2021
ICAR-IVRI transfers Technology - CSF & Sheep Pox Vaccine to Ms. Hester Biosciences through Agrinnovate 07-04-2021
A solution to stubble burning: ICAR-PUSA Compost/ Decomposer Technology 15-12-2020
Solution To Stubble Burning Woes? ICAR Developed Microbial Consortium Can Decompose Stubble In 25 Days 23-10-2020
Hester acquires technology from ICAR - IVRI to develop a new generation Brucella Abortus S19 Delta Per Vaccine 23-09-2020
Agrinnovate India participate as Institutional Partner in CII Hive | Advanced Technologies Reshaping Indian Agriculture 17 - 18 September 2020 18-09-2020
Vendor REgistration Form 13-08-2020
Atma Nirbhar Bharat Package : Booster dose for Agriculture Sector 18-05-2020
Agrinnovate India participate in Atal Innovation Mission (AIM) is Government of India’s flagship initiative to promote a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship in the country. 05-02-2020